Realizing Montenegro’s digital future

          Digital transformation could drive the economy of Montenegro for decades. Looking beyond short-term losses or groups that may be initially disadvantaged will be critical.

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To make a digital Montenegro a reality, action will be required on six fronts.

  • Mastering digital skills. Better informing and educating people of Montenegro about the benefits of using and mastering digital technology is step one. Teaching problem-solving and computational thinking in primary school and critical thinking across all education levels will be the foundation for this.  

  • Expanding digital infrastructure. A priority for advancing digital infrastructure is viewing ICT as an enabling force for economic growth and human development.  

  • Strengthening business, start-up and ICT ecosystem. Growing digital business would significantly strengthen the opportunities for digital transformation from within Montenegro—simplifying the process to register a company online and digitally manage e-commerce, taxation and other areas related to running a company will improve the overall business environment and increase tax revenue.

  • Incentivizing innovation for digital transformation. Creating a strategy and a clear action plan to grow Montenegro’s research and development spending will strengthen the business environment and pave the way for digital innovation.

  • Transitioning to public administration e-services. Implement the comprehensive Public Service Portfolio Management (PSPM) system. This tool will add significant value to the information society for public service development.  

  • Establishing a coordination body for the development of digital solutions. Creating a unified and coordinated leadership position can serve to consolidate Montenegro’s digital pathways forward.

An engine for human development and fighting COVID-19

Montenegro has seen rapid economic growth and expansion in education access that have spurred human development progress . With digital transformation, greater opportunities will arise to invest in human development. But this will mean taking full advantage of Montenegro’s digital landscape through determined, focused interventions. This requires a new perspective: the digital economy in Montenegro should serve the country’s people, rather than the other way around.